Company Excursions/Outings

The Cartoonacademy provides lessons about how to draw cartoons, and provides them in a variety of surroundings and environments and to organizations in various sectors of the economy, from training teachers of primary and/or middle schools to prospective employees and staff of accounting firms.
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Classes for children & for children’s parties

Children often have a rich fantasy life and love to draw cartoons and illustrations. And that is why cartoon workshops and lessons in drawing cartoons and illustrations is often requested for children’s parties and at schools as well as for after-school childcare facilities. The Cartoonacademy has, accordingly, obtained considerable experience in providing lessons to children in a variety of situations. And we are familiar with the differences there are among the various age groups.
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Bachelor/stag parties

For a special evening in a happy or even delightful atmosphere, filled with humor! The Cartoonacademy offers a program for bachelor/stag parties, for groups of men or women.  The program for the day or evening is conceived and planned in consultation with the person/s responsible for planning the event, and they determine what the appropriate mood should be for the gathering, as well as what custom activities should be included to experience a unique evening.  As unique as the husband or wife to be!
Together with the planner/s we can brainstorm about how to make it an amazing evening. A wide range of options may be considered: from making cartoons to attempting to draw a caricature of the bride and/or the groom, or even drawing from life using a live model in his or her birthday suit! Contact the Cartoonacademy for a very unusual event!

Visual training sessions/ Memory training

The Cartoonacademy uses a number of mind games which help to keep the brain functioning as it should. These include exercises that make you more aware of shapes, for example. And often yield interesting results in cartoons, drawings or illustrations. In working with this concept the Cartoonacademy first provides a variety of examples to show how corresponding, similar or identical shapes can be used to obtain certain – perhaps humorous – effects and how to use shapes to their best advantage. Other exercises involve training participants how to observe things more carefully and accurately, as well as how to train and sharpen their visual memory. 

Drawing what you see/ art lessons

The Cartoonacademy is also a ‘Drawingacademy’. Learning to draw what you see before you is, in principle, the foundation for all other forms of drawing. In practicing to draw what you see, you can learn: to look carefully at what you want to draw; to estimate distances between and among the things you see; to judge shapes, etc. In our lessons you learn to draw what you see using guide lines. From this point of departure you can simplify figures, to render them as cartoon figures or illustrative figures. And a drawing based on what you see may also be adapted to express a certain mood or to make a poetic or symbolic visual statement. The Cartoon Academy can be there to coach, guide, and assist in this process in the context of the drawing lessons.

Outings and excursions with friends and/or family

Enjoyment and relaxation are the main goal in getting together with friends and family. These workshops are often provided at the location of your choice, and that regularly means they take place in the home of one of the participants. The subjects chosen for such a cartoon workshop may be family, politics or public life - and all sorts of other things, often subjects rich in the potential for hilarious situations.
In consultation with the one planning the event we determine what exercises to include and how the event should be structured. A proper plan for the workshop program - which often also includes a menu for what food and drink to have available - guarantees a very special and pleasant time together, whether it lasts all day or for only a few hours!

There are a variety of possibilities for putting together such a day. Want to get a better idea of the potential for this? Then get in touch with the Cartoonacademy (click here)


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Journalism & Society

Drawing cartoons is uniquely a journalistic medium. Indeed, many cartoonists even call themselves journalists. And others - though they may not call themselves journalists – nevertheless contribute to articles and opinion page items in newspapers with their clever and probative drawings.
Cartoons make a contribution to society, in countries all over the world and in a variety of organizations they contribute to the discussion of public and political issues and often reveal our many human shortcomings in a humorous visual manner. So making cartoons can be a worthwhile activity for journalists, members of non-governmental organizations, activists, writers and whistle-blowers. They are useful to:

  • Comment on the positions, posturing and behavior of politicians, public figures, and the managers of corporate businesses or other executives.
  • Get to the truth of the matter: bringing the facts to light.
  • Give expression to your own vision and standpoint.
  • Moreover, political satire can help us all to LIGHTEN up and maybe even take a more balanced view of the world!
    Contact us now for an informative and challenging workshop or course.