Cartoondrawing, Illustrating ans Visual Thinking in France, July & August 2019

Workshops about how to draw cartoons ..... can be provided in a variety of ways, to all sorts of target groups. The wide range of possibilities for workshops, courses and events provided by the Cartoonacademy can be seen on the web page WHAT WE OFFER.

The Cartoonacademy works with educational displays, a projecter, and a large number of laminated cartoons exemplifying a variety of themes and using a variety of materials.
The Cartoonacademy presents its course, workshop or event at the location of your choice, or at a location agreed upon in mutual consultation.

Fun/Parties and education

The Cartoonacademy offers workshops and courses: 

  • for company excursions and outings
  • including classes for children, for schools and for children’s parties
  • for bachelor/stag parties
  • to train and strengthen visual memory and observations
  • for excursions and outings among friends and family
  • to drawing from observation: art lessons
  • to journalists and activists
  • in animation

Skills and insights

The Cartoonacademy assists participants in workshops to examine and analyze existing cartoons.
Using a whole range of exercises, the participants learn all of the various skills needed to create a worthwhile cartoon.