An exercise in making a cartoon with several types with different emotions. An illustration of Thirza Flux, 10 years old.





On this page are some cartoons of students from the Cartoon Academy. It was decided to show drawings of the different levels of students and of the different ages.





An exercise in minimalisme.An illustration of Floor.

A variation on this theme of trainer and illustrator Eric Simons.

After a lesson in minimalism, decorativity in fairy tales, and in other visual elements, I gave an exercise to combine all those aspects in one illustration. An illustration of visual artist Loes Raymakers.

An illustration of a dancing couple by Haydn. An illustration about similarity of form, similarity of shape, and minimalism.

Illustration in an absurdistic style (like Kamagurka). Made by Floor

Dayle Schechter made a cartoon as a variation on the flag or the arms of The Vatican. © Dayle Schechter

An animal as a character in a cartoon. An illustration of Haydn.

The same animal character in another cartoon. With decorative elements.
Een illustratie van Haydn.

A cartoon of Dayle Schechter about Hillary Clinton. © Dayle Schechter.

Angela Merkel by Hanneke.

An illustration of Hanneke van Wijk about ‘Me Too’.

Cartoon about ‘Kleptocracy’, Dayle Schechter.© Dayle Schechter.